November 24, 2008

"Longer, Stronger & Closer Together"

"Longer, Stronger and Closer together". This is a phrase that I use alot when I'm trying to teach women how to tell if the contractions they are having are True Labor or Braxton Hicks. If the contractions are longer, stronger, and closer together then you can bet that you are in true labor. If they stay the same and don't change, then you are in false labor/Braxton Hicks.

I say this phrase more than a few times in my classes.

Recently I had a woman ask me during her prenatal how she would be able to tell that she was in labor. I reminded her of what we taught in class and used the phrase, "Longer, Stronger, and Closer Together".

Oh!!! She said. "I saw that I had written that phrase in my childbirth book but when I looked at it later I thought it had something to do with my marriage"!!!

OK, it could be used for both..... If you survive birth together, your marriage will last longer, you'll be stronger because of it and you will certainly be closer together when your done. "Longer, Stronger & Closer Together". Works for me!

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