February 12, 2009

Catch Donna.....the birth supply, that is!

Donna and I have done many many births together. Many different places....big ones, small ones, inside, outside. The smallest place I remember birthing a baby was at the Renaissance Fair http://www.texrenfest.com/themedweekends.html in Fort Worth, There was a couple who worked there, living in a motor home in the park. You know the kind you pull behind your car?

I don't remember anything about the laboring mom because I really didn't ever get to see her face! The husband though I won't forget! He had long hair and a long beard that was braided into three braids. Not our typical clientele. Not our typical place of birth.

We didn't really have time to think much of it because when we got there the laboring mom was in the throws of pushing her baby out. The bed was in the back of the motor home like stuck in the wall. Where you climb into the bed was only as wide as Donna's back side! Sorry, Donna.

So I'm standing behind Donna and I can't get on either side of her to assist. I hear Donna tell the woman that her baby's head is out. I grab the bulb syringe and throw it over Donna's head and hope I didn't hit the mommy! Donna was able to grab bulb syringe and suction out baby. The baby is born. I grab a towel and once again I throw the towel over Donna's head so that she can cover up this sweet baby. I don't remember Donna ducking so I must have been a pretty good shot!

Later Donna and I laughed about how it must have looked! These little church ladies in this very Hippy Renaissance setting! We adapt don't we Donna?! Birth is so fun!

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Bethany Johnson said...

Hi Ann,

You probably don't remember me....you might remember my parents. Ron and Wendy Johnson. I know you assisted Donna with their first home birth Oct. 1989- that was me and I think you assisted with a few more after that. I don't remember how many it was 'cause she's still having babies. She's due in May with #12. Anyways, I'm in midwifery school now and loving every moment of it! Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your birth stories and your birth center looks AMAZING!
Blessings to you!