November 10, 2008

Belly Bloopers 1

Every now and then something will happen with a mom or with me and my staff that causes our faces to blush with embarrassment. I will call these stories "Belly Bloopers" and number them as I remember them. Its fun to laugh at ourselves, of course I get the most laughs.

Many, many, many years ago I remember telling a cute little first time mom to go to the bathroom and pee on the strips and tell me what she got. I give this instruction every time it is a womans first time to visit. After that, she knows when and how to do the test on her own. I even say that they should aim good to hit the strip. You know, pee on the strip and compare with the chart on the bottle to see if you are spilling glucose or protein. I say it the same way every time and have for 20 years.

This woman goes into the bathroom with the strip container in hand and I patiently wait for her to return. She comes out of the bathroom holding the strip container in one hand and not one but all of the strips in the other.

I said "What did you do?" and she replied "Well, I peed in the container but I didn't know what you wanted me to do with all these other strips?" It took me a moment to comprehend what she had done. I tried not to chuckle and explained to the woman that she was to pee ON the strip and not IN the container of strips.

She was really embarrased and I said it was my fault for not communicating it better.
I let her keep the bottle!


HI ! said...

Hi, Ann!

I ran across your blog and have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. Welcome to blogspot!

I will see you tomorrow!

By the way, I am so glad this wasn't me (peeing in the cup)! It sounds like something I'd do (misinterpret instructions and be too embarrassed to ask questions only to humiliate myself). Poor little mama!

Christie Wilbur

Tom and Marsha said...

That is awesome!! I love that story, thanks for sharing.