February 13, 2014

Paramedic Panic!

Paramedic Panic!

A hundred years ago, which is what I say if I don't remember when it was,  I was with Donna at a home birth.  The Momma was laboring nicely and we expected this to be a quick easy labor since she had had numerous children before.  On one of our heartbeat checks we found the baby's heartbeat to be about 40 beats a minute which is dangerously low.  Donna checked her to see if birth could be imenent and she was 4cm dilated.  We knew we had to get this Momma to the hospital now or we could lose this baby!  Donna jumped into the car with the client and I followed behind in Donna's car.  Those of you who know me know that Donna would never let me drive her car, which only knows a life of a pokey slow pace, for fear of the car getting a taste of the fast lane!.  The matter at hand was more important so the "Oh no your not!" moment got away from her.  Hee Hee!  I was driving her car about 90 miles an hour!  We were terrified at the moment for this baby and what was happening but I can be nonchalant in the telling of my story because I know the ending! 

The whole way to the hospital the woman kept saying "I'm not going to have my baby at a hospital!"  "I'm not!"  She was laboring hard but being very adamant about this statement.  She was 4cm so chances were she was definitely going to have her baby in the hospital and probably by cesearean!  We pulled into the hospital parking lot and I jumped from Donna's car over to the car they were in.  When I opened the back door the woman was lying in the back seat on her left side with her right leg thrown wide open over the front seat.  Donna had moved out of the car and placed herself at the opening of the other back door because this woman was having her baby in the hospital parking lot!  As the mom was pushing a paramedic came running up to the car and asked "Whats going on?"  Donna said "We are having a baby!"  The paramedic looked panic stricken and asked "Who are you?"  Donna replied "I'm the Midwife!"  The paramedic threw his hands up in the air and yelled "Thank you God!!"  I laughed out loud!  The woman pushed one more time and this baby came flying out!  The baby was kicking and screaming to our wonder and relief!  Yay!  Are you laughing or crying right now?  Well hold on the story doesn't end here! 

So Momma has done what she said and had her baby NOT in the hospital!  While we were waiting on the placenta a nurse came running up to the car.  She said "Is baby out?"  Donna replied "Yes, we are waiting on a placenta."  The nurse then said "The placenta won't come out with her in that position!  Get her on her back!"  To which Donna replied "Really?  Well watch this!"  This made me laugh!  Then Donna had her push and the placenta came out perfectly.  The paramedic and the nurse were pretty useless to us that day but I think they may have learned a thing or two! 

We had a healthy mom and a healthy baby in the back seat of a car.  Sometimes birth throws surprises at us and we get to see Him intervene on behalf of a mama and baby and show us that its His Deal....His Purpose... and yet again ...His Faithfulness! 

Donna never let me drive her car again.  :)  She has a new car these days.  I'm betting I don't get to drive it either!


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