October 26, 2008

Evil Placenta leads me into Homeopathy........

I home schooled Keri until she was in the seventh grade. She was always doing school work within ear shot of my home office that I saw my clients in. She picked up alot of information at 3 years of age about women's bodies and pregnancy and birth than most girls knew by the time they were teenagers. I remember waiting in line behind an elderly woman in the grocery store and Keri asking her quite loudly, " Did your baby come out between your legs?" I apologized to the gasping woman and explained that I was a midwife and that she knew more than she should. She would ask my clients when they came for prenatal visits, "Have you had any bloody show yet?"

Keri started attending births with me when she was about 10 years old. I remember my introduction to herbs and homeopathics came as a freak accident happened at one of my births. Keri loved to examine the placenta's at my births. She was in the process of checking one out in the bathroom when I came walking in with a pot of hot boiling herbal tea to pour into Baby Mama's bath. As I came to where she was standing the handle on the pot broke and the boiling tea poured onto my barefoot daughter and also some on Donna Miller my partner. Keri was screaming bloody murder and I literally watched as the flesh melted off parts of her feet. I was franticly trying to deal with my terrified heart and very hurt daughter and take care of the Baby Mama that had just birthed her baby. What a horrible night!

Keri and Donna sat in the other room with their feet in a bucket of cold water. I called my husband to come get her and asked him to call our church group and have them start praying. Donna had a small spot on one of her toes and pressed through to help me with the rest of the care of my client. I was able to get new Baby Mama taken care of and headed home with Keri who was in obvious shock.

We had just met a couple in our church who were Naturopathic doctors and they were waiting for us at our apartment when we arrived. They started giving Keri Arnica which they said would stop the shock. They also had an Aloe Vera plant and were slicing and squeezing it onto Keri's foot. Donna had encouraged me not to take Keri to the hospital because she really felt like God made our bodies to heal from burns by causing blisters which the hospital would scrub off. I trusted Donna completely and the new friends were confident that she would be better off with alternative care for her feet as well.

It was amazing to watch as Keri came around from the shock as the Arnica began to work. She had third degree burns on her big toe, and second and third toes. She had second degree burns on the rest of the top of her foot. It looked ghastly. We spent all night giving her Arnica and putting Aloe Vera plant on her one foot and first degree on the other foot. The Aloe Vera gave the much needed relief from the pain. Over the next few days we soaked her feet in a Chamomile and Golden Seal tea. Although it worked great, that made them look even worse!

My pastor came over and encouraged us to not let anyone see for fear that someone would call CPS on us!

The Aloe Vera and Golden Seal tea soaks were pretty amazing. Her feet began to heal so quickly. She formed huge blisters which we believed would protect the wound from infection and we kept doing the same rotation of Arnica, Goldenseal foot soaks, and Aloe Vera. We also added the homeopathic Hypericum, which heals the nerves that could be damaged from the burn.

The pain was almost non existent at this point. Then on the 5Th day the blisters broke. At this point the Naturopath told us to start using Calendula Cream on her feet. It was amazing watching the rapid healing from this natural "antibiotic" "tissue healing" cream. Overnight it looked 60% better! The only problem now was that the rapid healing was causing a huge amount of discomfort due to the intense itching. Keri would cry all night from this intense itching. I couldn't stand that and went and got some cortisone cream for the itching. Ahhh. much better. She was wearing shoes and socks by day 7. Can you believe that??

To this day you cannot tell that her feet had been burned. No scars at all! God is so good! From that moment on I became a sponge seeking to suck all the information I could from these new friends about Homeopathy and Herbal treatments. This couple eventually offerred for me to come and use a room in their clinic to see my patients for free! I had this office space for 4 years in Grapevine. What a blessing!

To say the least, Keri wasn't much into going with me to births after that and if you asked her, placenta's were evil.

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