October 26, 2008

Top 5 most amazing ways of getting through contractions......let me count the ways.......

Women never ever cease to amaze me. Their strength and stamina out do any Mixed Martial Arts fighter that I've ever seen. (Yes, I'm a fan of UFC!) They leave marathon runners in their dust. They can push a 10 pound baby out a little bitty opening in their body with no anesthetic!

How do they do it? It doesn't come from being taught, that's for sure. It comes from within them. The Word says that whatever He calls us to do, He will equip us and anoint us for the task. He knows us because He formed us. Therefore He gives us ways to cope with birth that are already built within us. He gives us rhythm. Sometimes its fast and furious, other times its slow and graceful.

OK, lets count.......

These women scrub, and clean and the more intense the contractions the harder they scrub. One woman in particular would be scrubbing her floors on her hands and
knees when we got there. We would set up for birth and
wait for her to get up, say "I'm going to bed now." and she
would proceed to lie down on her bed and push her baby out.
As far as I know she did that with every baby that she had
at home. A new baby and clean floors to boot!

This woman would labor like most breathing through the
contractions until she hit transition. Then she gets up
moves to the piano and begins to play....hard. Bach, Beethoven
whatever moves her to breathe, relax her bottom and just
bang it out!

Donna had a client once who every time a contraction would
come, she and her hubby would lock lips and passionately kiss
till contraction was over. They got it out the same way they got
it in!

On more than a few occasions I have had women who sang
during the contractions. Not like Yankee Doodle but long
beautiful notes. Mouth open, bottom loose. Mouth clenched,
bottom clenched.

Not just moseying but power walking! Contraction starts, mom
goes into power walk. Swinging arms, Huffing breath. By way
of path or big circles in room or house. Sometimes wears
midwife out due to staying close in case baby comes flying out!
These ladies usually end their walk climbing hands and knees
onto bed or pushing baby out standing holding up the wall.

Take that Randy Couture or Chariots of Fire guy!

Women don't do natural childbirth for their ego's! They do it for the joy that is set before them! Just like Jesus who endured the suffering of the cross beacuse of the joy that was set before Him.

To be handed a baby that is unmedicated, alert and peaceful with the world he is born into.

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