October 31, 2008

Short & Sweet conclusion to "No uterus...No opinion"

After my "No uterus...No opinion" post last night, the five Aleve I took brought relief and sleep.

I woke up at midnight, on the couch next to a raging fire. (In the fireplace) My sweet husband was laying on a pallet in the floor not far from me. When he heard me stir he asked "Are you ready to go to bed?" I was surprised because he has always loved sleeping by the fire. He usually was on the couch though.

He's so sweet. He didn't want to wake me up for fear that I would start moaning again and he didn't want to go to bed without me so he slept on the floor! He was more than ready to go to bed and we did. That's it....just wanted you to know how sweet my husband was.

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