October 24, 2008

He didn't always sleep through birth calls............

As I posted in an earlier post my husband sleeps through my wee hour birth calls.

I can get a birth call during the night, get up and dressed and be gone for five or six hours and Bob doesn't have a clue that I even left. Its so funny to me that I can leave, go deliver a baby and come get back to bed and he thinks I just got up to go to the bathroom! Yes honey, I coached a woman through her labor, watched as she pushed for two hours and caught her baby as he flew by me. I watched them bond in the herbal bath and I made sure that baby could latch on and nurse before I left. Oh, and I went to the bathroom!

It wasn't always that way...........

When Bob and I married I was still a midwifery student working with Donna Miller as my preceptor. When I would get a middle of the night birth call he would get up with me, talk to me as I got dressed and carry my bag out to the car. He would call and make sure that I got to the birth mom's home and then he would go back to bed.

Not only did he send me off with style, he would make my homecoming amazing. I remember one time it was a cold winter night when I came dragging into the house. When I walked in he had a fire going in the fireplace, a snack fixed and a thick comfy pallet in the floor in front of the fire. He would lay down with me and let me download the whole birth.

After that I could go to bed and he would leave to go get Keri and let me sleep uninterrupted for as long as I needed. They always had a great adventure to tell me about when I woke up!

He may not wake up anymore when I leave but he is still the King of making me feel like a Queen when I get home. Remember the run of 5 births in 36 hours? When I got home he had a bubble bath drawn, dinner made and my bed ready with all my favorite pillows.

Thank you Jesus for giving me a man that supports and pampers me so that I can be with the Belly Mama's.

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JB and Cindy said...

I love it! I need to help you have me decorate cuz your blog is so cute. Very sweet and true what you said about Bob- we couldn't do this job w/ out our amazing hubbies!! So glad you are documenting.